Hi, I'm Katie!

Hi! I'm Katie Williams, and I'm taking a chance. I'm starting a blog.

Sometimes in the throws of heartache, we can find meaning. And that's what I'm trying to do. I lost my dream and my self-confidence, and I thought I was crushed.

Then 2-months later, I lost my baby at 20-weeks. In those moments, I learned the true meaning of 'crushed'. It shattered my soul. Nothing mattered. Nothing made sense. My being was consumed by grief and a serious hate for the universe.

I am a mum of two precious living children, a wife of a steadfast husband, a creative entrepreneur with a passion for inspiring others, and a survivor of life's curveballs.

The underlying current of energy that has been constant throughout my entire life, is that meaning can be found in meaningless things, and that I have been blessed with the gift of being able to guide and inspire others to find that meaning - in life, in business, in yourself. This perspective has been challenged (and some days resented and completely cast aside) over the past year.

The great thing about energy & joy? It never truly goes away. It gets lost, misplaced, buried under the burdens of life... and then it can be found. Sometimes you have to look MUCH harder than usual, but we have an incredible power within us to do amazing things, including find happiness in the face of disparity. And it's a lot easier to find with the help of others.

So, woman to woman (and heck, all the men in the world are welcome to join me too!) I invite you to join me on this journey. Tell me your story. Let's lift each other up, share the secrets to survival, and help each other build a future of thriving in this crazy life!

K. xo

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