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Located in the beautiful downtown community of Barrie, Ontario, our creative team is excited to help businesses be more successful by creating effective branding and beautiful marketing visuals. We are your branding specialists, marketing strategists, and graphic & web designers, here to offer our creative services on both a professional and personal level, using a multitude of design techniques & mediums.

Barrie Graphic Designer Barrie Graphic Designer
 THE MASTERMINDS · Katie & Michelle

Hi! We are the creative duo at Katie Williams Design Co., located in the heart of the City of Barrie. Bringing over 10-years of design experience to the table (each), we are the creative masterminds behind each of our client’s brand transformations. 

"...we are taking the design world by storm, and we couldn’t be more excited to serve Barrie!"

Katie: "I started Katie Williams Design Co. in early 2010 after gaining some experience and seeing the world. Then, after years of friendship that began in Design School, Michelle was a natural addition to my team in 2014 when I started my family. Now, after years of working so closely and efficiently together, it only made sense to join together as partners when we opened our new office location downtown Barrie. Our unparalleled partnership brings together the best of two very different but important worlds – creative innovation and workflow optimization. With 2000 square feet of creative awesomeness, including a stationery shoppe, meeting & event space and design studio, we are taking the design world by storm, and we couldn’t be more excited to serve Barrie with our creativity." 

Are you looking for a designer who will listen to your goals, offer advice and expertise on your target market and how to reach them, and create visual design materials that reflect the quality of the product or service that you offer?

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